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Laser Hair Removal Instrument

Laser Hair Removal Instrument

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5 levels of light intensity customized control
One key to adjust the light intensity, lightly irradiate, even the extremely sensitive parts of the body, it can be tenderly cared for
Continuous/manual flash dual mode
Automatic high-speed continuous flashing to fit the skin, free selection of different areas, long press under continuous flashing can realize automatic continuous light emission, and the hair removal efficiency is greatly improved
Accurate calculation of 3cm2 irradiation area
The efficiency of large-area skin depilation is high and fast. 3cm2 illuminates the light area, which is safe and convenient so that you can quickly complete the depilation in a short time.
990,000 flashes are really safe
It only takes about 2000 hairs for a single person to perform whole body hair removal, and 8 times can inhibit hair growth. Therefore, 500,000 hairs can be used for whole body hair removal and skin rejuvenation operations for 8-10 people.
A+Quartz tube
Imported laser quartz lamp holder, safe and effective, painless and long-lasting hair removal, suitable for whole body

Product information:

Size: 290X73mm
How it works: Photon IPL
Product net weight: 260g
Input power: 36W
Gear setting: 5 gears adjustable
Retention spectrum: ≥510nm
Output voltage: 1 10V~220V

Irradiation area: 3cm2

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